Tom Lambert


Tom Lambert has an established record of effective and proactive leadership with proven results focused on improving the quality of life for all that live, work, visit and play in our great city.


Parks are essential to our everyday quality of life, and Tom has been a proactive leader in helping to grow and improve Dunwoody’s park system.  Tom’s vision and hard work allowed the city to acquire the new Waterford Park in an identified area of greenspace needed in Dunwoody’s northeast section.  Perhaps most impressive, by collaborating with the previous property owners and county leadership, Tom secured this seven-plus acre park for Dunwoody at no cost to the city (purchase made using county funds).  Tom was also a vocal advocate for the recent improvements to Brook Run Park, fully supported the purchase of the new Vermack Park, and is advocating for the quick and responsible development of new city parks at Austin and Perimeter Center East. 

Smart Development

Tom knows that we can protect our residential neighborhoods and the character that makes Dunwoody such a special place to live, while still adding the services and amenities our citizens desire and deserve.  He also understands that in life you don’t always get what you deserve – you get what you are willing to accept.  With this as a guiding principle, Tom holds all proposed development projects to an incredibly high standard to ensure it is consistent with our city’s comprehensive plan and OUR vision for Dunwoody’s future.  Tom’s voting record confirms this commitment, as he has voted against proposed development projects on multiple occasions when he did not believe they were consistent with our vision for the future of Dunwoody.  Tom also works hard to ensure all projects that come before the city council have placemaking opportunities woven into the fabric of the plan.


Public safety is critical to our overall quality of life.  Tom understands the importance of maintaining a fully staffed, well-trained and properly equipped police department.  As a member of the city’s budget committee, Tom supported a new police compensation package to ensure we can attract and retain the highest quality officers and leadership for our police department.  Tom has participated in police ride-alongs and successfully completed the citizen’s police academy to get a better understanding of the challenges our police officers face on a daily basis and to gain additional insight into how the city council can best support our police department.

Capital Improvement Plan

Tom recognized the need to effectively manage Dunwoody’s ever-growing wish list of capital projects alongside the city’s limited resources for funding them.  Lambert pushed hard for Dunwoody to create a formal Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) to accomplish this goal.  The CIP helps to both identify and prioritize our capital projects list.  At Tom’s request, Dunwoody created its first-ever CIP in 2020.  Now integrated into the official budgeting process, Dunwoody’s CIP synchronizes capital and operating budgets five years out, links strategic and comprehensive plans with fiscal capacity, evaluates competing demands for resources based on a prioritization matrix, informs the public about our city’s investment in infrastructure and identifies, prioritizes, and optimizes the financing of capital projects.

Entertainment Districts

Our community’s desire to create a vibrant “town center” at Dunwoody Village is crystal clear.  Although a full redevelopment of the property may still be years away, Tom knows there are steps we can take TODAY to get us closer to that vision.  One such tool is the creation of an Entertainment District.  Tom was the driving force behind the creation of Dunwoody’s first entertainment district and worked closely with the Community Development department to make this a reality.  Since the approval of the Dunwoody Village entertainment district, Dunwoody has proactively created two additional districts for the future developments at High Street and Ashford Lane.

Vulnerable Road User Ordinance

We have heard loud and clear from our citizens the desire for Dunwoody to become a more pedestrian and bicycle-friendly city.  Tom believes to truly reach that goal we have a responsibility to make that experience as safe as possible for everyone.  After completing months of research on the subject, Tom authored and sponsored a Vulnerable Road User ordinance for Dunwoody, the first such ordinance in the state of Georgia and the entire southeast region.  The ordinance – designed to protect pedestrians and cyclists – was approved by the city council, and went into effect May 2020.  Since the ordinance’s adoption, other municipalities (such as Brookhaven) have taken notice and followed Dunwoody’s lead – adopting their own VRU ordinance based largely on the text created by Tom.

Your Representative – Your Advocate

Tom fully embraces the responsibility of being a reliable source of information and help for the community.  He takes great pride in replying quickly to constituents, actively listening to their concerns, and using all available resources to solve the problem or working towards the most favorable resolution.